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Steve Young: ‘Colin [Kaepernick]’s got to reclaim the locker room‘

The American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe has provided a whole host of comments about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation. Let’s hear from Steve Young to wrap it up.

How about the trifecta of comments from the American Century Championship up in Lake Tahoe about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback competition? We heard from Jim Harbaugh and Jerry Rice this week. Now, we’ve got some comments from Steve Young. He specifically mentioned Colin Kaepernick and the need to reclaim the locker room:

"Well, Colin's got to reclaim the locker room, reclaim his teammates. And that's about accountability. 'Look, I screwed this up. Regardless of all the things working against me, I'm responsible. I can fix it. Rally around me.' And I think Colin can get people back. But I think more than anything, that's what needs to happen before he worries about what's going on on the field."

The 49ers situation with Colin Kaepernick has been complicated. There have been questions about his relationship with teammates, and of course the problems with the front office have been discussed ad nauseam. But with regard to his teammates, I do wonder how much importance is placed on the basic relationships vs. going out and performing. He struggled last season, and has been trending down the past couple years. If he can step up on the field in training camp and the preseason, will that be enough to get people back on the same page?

The 49ers report to training camp a week from Saturday, with quarterbacks and injured players allowed to report earlier. Until we actually get a final answer on the quarterback position, I can’t imagine this will be the last former player weighing in on the subject. KNBR should be all kinds of fun throughout late July and early August!