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2016 NFL MVP odds heading into training camp with Colin Kaepernick at 250/1

Colin Kaepernick is not guaranteed the starting job, but if he wins it, you can get some MVP odds.

NFL teams have slowly begun the process of returning to action, with rookies on several teams arriving this week. The Green Bay Packers will have the first veterans reporting next Monday, July 25, and the Indianapolis Colts follow on July 26. Bovada is marking the return of football with updated MVP odds for 2016.

Aaron Rodgers leads the way at 4/1, and considering he is getting Jordy Nelson back, it makes a lot of sense. Ben Roethlisberger is an interesting pick at 7/1, but the loss of Le’Veon Bell to a four-game substance abuse suspension is not going to help him. I’m surprised Brady is down at 9/1. Although, if the Patriots struggle the first four games with Jimmy Garoppolo and Brady returns and they dominate, MVP could make a lot of sense.

The San Francisco 49ers only option in these early odds is quarterback Colin Kaepernick, listed at 250/1. He is not guaranteed the starting job, but if he does win it, he’s shown game-breaking ability in the past. I’m a little surprised we don’t see Carlos Hyde. I could see him added to the list early in the season if the 49ers get off to a solid start.

Any darkhorses jump out at you? Philip Rivers at 75/1 is an interesting one. I would also consider Drew Brees. If that defense is even a little bit better and the Saints are in the playoff picture, a strong season from Brees could easily net him an MVP.

Aaron Rodgers: 4/1
Ben Roethlisberger: 7/1
Cam Newton: 15/2
Russell Wilson: 8/1
Tom Brady: 9/1
Andrew Luck: 12/1
Carson Palmer: 12/1
Eli Manning: 25/1
J.J. Watt: 25/1
Drew Brees: 33/1
Adrian Peterson: 33/1
Todd Gurley: 40/1
Tony Romo: 40/1
Derek Carr: 50/1
Andy Dalton: 50/1
Blake Bortles: 66/1
Antonio Brown: 66/1
Rob Gronkowski: 66/1
Brock Osweiler: 66/1
Matt Ryan: 66/1
Philip Rivers: 75/1
Odell Beckham: 100/1
Teddy Bridgewater: 100/1
Jamaal Charles: 100/1
Jay Cutler: 100/1
Ezekiel Elliot: 100/1
Joe Flacco: 100/1
Julio Jones: 100/1
Khalil Mack: 100/1
Marcus Mariota: 100/1
Alex Smith: 100/1
Matthew Stafford: 100/1
Jameis Winston: 100/1
Sam Bradford: 150/1
LeVeon Bell: 150/1
Kirk Cousins: 150/1
Alshon Jeffery: 150/1
David Johnson: 150/1
Mark Sanchez: 150/1
Ryan Tannehill: 150/1
Tyrod Taylor: 150/1
Dez Bryant: 200/1
Amari Cooper: 200/1
A.J. Green: 200/1
DeAndre Hopkins: 200/1
Von Miller: 200/1
Robert Griffin lll: 250/1
T.Y. Hilton: 250/1
Colin Kaepernick: 250/1
DeMarco Murray: 250/1
Jordy Nelson: 250/1
Allen Robinson: 250/1
Jonathan Stewart: 250/1
Demaryius Thomas: 250/1
Devonta Freeman: 300/1
Jared Goff: 300/1
Jimmy Graham: 300/1
Larry Fitzgerald: 300/1
Ryan Fitzpatrick: 300/1
Jeremy Maclin: 300/1
Doug Martin: 300/1
LeSean McCoy: 300/1
Thomas Rawls: 300/1
Carson Wentz: 300/1