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DeForest Buckner among the top 10 rookies of Madden 17

EA released the top 10 rookies for their upcoming installment in the Madden franchise. DeForest Buckner slips in as number 10.

Madden 17 player and team ratings will be coming out in the coming weeks and Electronic Arts began the fun by releasing the top 10 rookie ratings. The San Francisco 49ers’ 1st round pick DeForest Buckner has landed at number 10 with an overall score of 78. Here’s what EA had to say about him:

“Buckner checks off every box in terms of athleticism and his size alone will impact games. Standing 6'7” tall and 291 pounds he will play a vital role in the 49ers' run defense during his rookie year. His 87 hit power will be cause for concern for opposing ball carriers.”

Keep in mind, his stats could get adjusted once the regular season starts depending on his play.

As far as what this means, most Madden match-ups tend to be determined by the player’s skill on offense, but there are still a few tricks you can do on defense to be a god on the field. In Madden 16, knowing when to spring off the line of scrimmage as the ball snaps was crucial in taking down the quarterback. As a whole, you’re more likely to have success with a sub-par offense than you are with a great defense if you know what you’re doing.

Madden 17 will be hitting store shelves on August 23rd 2016. Has anyone decided if they are going to pick it up on launch day?