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Is 49ers WR Bruce Ellington a significant fantasy football sleeper?

The San Francisco 49ers have plenty of question marks entering the 2016 season, and while Chip Kelly brings a strong offensive mind, we have no idea how exactly this will all play out. The quarterback situation is a huge question mark, the offensive line has undergone a significant transition, and the team decided to not push on returning Anquan Boldin to the receiver corps. Yep, there are some questions.

Having such questions makes it difficult to fully assess the fantasy football implications for this team. I know not everybody plays fantasy football, but it can still be an interesting indicator of performance on the offensive side of the ball. And so, I’m curious who people view as the biggest sleepers on the 49ers roster.

Bruce Ellington is high on my list. We don’t yet know his specific role in Chip Kelly’s offense, but his versatility could put him in a position to get more touches than any other pass catcher. He can line up in the slot and outside, but he also can move into the backfield. He’s a guy who got limited work last season, but did some really good things. He could be a guy who gets a lot of targets in the short passing game, with a chance to open things up. His biggest value for fantasy fans would seem to be in PPR leagues.

I think Torrey Smith has plenty of potential in Chip Kelly’s offense, but I’d be more inclined to invest in Ellington later than Smith earlier. That’s not to say Smith won’t put up bigger fantasy points, but my guess is you can get Ellington fairly late in the draft with a flyer. Of course, it will also be interesting to see what Chip Kelly means for draft perception with 49ers skill position players. I am not inclined to touch most of them during the draft, but maybe Ellington surprises us.