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Golden Nuggets: Blaine Gabbert is ahead ... or maybe Colin Kaepernick ... or we know nothing

Saturday, July 24th, 2016 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Good morning everyone. Today, we don’t have too many new links and a few of them have almost no substance. Of course, there’s another report that Blaine Gabbert is ahead when it comes to the quarterback battle with Colin Kaepernick for various reasons. That’s where the lack of substance comes in, as I recall just a couple iterations of the Golden Nuggets ago, there was a link suggesting Kaepernick had a leg-up due to the nuances of Chip Kelly’s offense.

So of course, the exact opposite is what’s reported in one of today’s links. It’s a stupid conversation to even have at this point, but the NFL never sleeps, or at least it never sleeps soundly. They have to report something, so they’ve done it. At this point, I’m convinced nobody — not even Kelly — has a good idea who is going to be starting for the 49ers this coming season.

And I think that’s probably a good thing, all things considered. Let’s get onto your links for the day.

Brock, Ward top list of 49ers’ cover men entering 2016 (Maiocco)

Rice likes Gabbert’s confidence: ‘He really has excelled a lot’ (CSN Bay Area)

Niners’ Buckner Believes He’s in Position to Thrive (NBC Bay Area)

Three-way battle for ILB spot; will Bowman be more explosive? (Maiocco)

Can Colin Kaepernick beat out Blaine Gabbert at 49ers’ training camp? (ESPN)

49ers training camp prediction: Kelvin Taylor will rise up the depth chart (Biderman)

With ‘support of the group,’ ex-49ers OL expects Gabbert to start (CSN Bay Area)

10-year Veteran Joe Staley Provides Stability on 49ers Offensive Line (49ers)