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Where will Anthony Davis be when Week 1 arrives?

Retired offensive tackle Anthony Davis announced he has submitted reinstatement papers. Where will he be when the regular season starts?

Earlier Monday, we learned that Anthony Davis has applied for reinstatement after spending the last year in retirement. Multiple reports are stating the Davis informed the team of his plans last week, and now he is waiting on word from the NFL.

If he does return, the next question is what this all means. He would conceivably be competing for the starting right tackle job, but the team also could elect to trade or release him. If they release him, they clear the cap space that would re-apply with his return. Matt Maiocco says he is scheduled to make $3.35 million, but we’re working to confirm his future numbers as well.

The other option if he the team does not want him around is to potentially trade him. If they did that, there are several teams that could use some tackle help. At the same time, a player who quit for a year and is now coming back might not be viewed as the most reliable of options. A trade might not net a whole lot of much.

And so the third option is that he sticks with the team and competes for a role in 2016. It might be starting right tackle, it might be a swing tackle role, and it might be an inactive role while he is getting back into the swing of things. A lot of possibilities exist. And so, we wait and see what happens. What do you think happens with Davis? Vote here: