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Drew Rosenhaus says Anthony Davis, 49ers have patched up relationship

Anthony Davis has had plenty to say about the 49ers this offseason, and it has included some less than positive comments. Could they have things patched up, or are they trying to build up some semblance of trade value?

Retired San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis submitted his reinstatement paperwork this week, and now awaits word from the league on his potential return. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has been making the media rounds, and on Tuesday, he discussed Davis’s return on Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk radio show. I’ve embedded the audio down below.

Rosenhaus confirmed that Davis has applied for reinstatement, but did not have a specific date as to when Davis might be reinstated. He said that it would hopefully happen before the 49ers report to training camp this weekend. He believes the team is excited to have him back, and Davis is happy to work with them again:

“I’m confident that Anthony is ready to go to work with the 49ers and resume his career with them. And I believe that the 49ers will welcome him back. Again, it’s hard for me to speak for them, but the impression I have is that from all my discussions with them, that they would be excited to get Anthony back. And Anthony would be happy to work with them again. So hopefully he can pick up where he left off, and continue his outstanding career before he retired last year.”

Florio followed up by asking Rosenhaus about Davis’s comments throughout the offseason. He tweeted complaints during the offseason, and seemed to want to force his way out of the picture. Rosenhaus acknowledged that issue, but suggested the two sides have patched things up:

“That’s a fair comment, Mike, but I do think that since some of his comments, I do believe that he has patched things up with the organization. he has been in contact with the organization, and I also believe with the coaching staff. And they’ve rebuilt that relationship. So whatever damage took place, in my estimation, it has been repaired.”

On Monday, Mike Garafolo tweeted that he was getting the sense that the 49ers would prefer to keep Davis, and not trade him. It is entirely possible the two sides figured this out and are ready to move on. Drew Rosenhaus has a good relationship with the 49ers, so he could have played the middle-man to get things straightened out. Of course, it is also possible the two sides want to part ways, and they know that to build some trade value, they need to pretend they don’t hate each other. That’s not necessarily what is going on, but given how this whole situation has gone, I wouldn’t put anything past anybody at this point. But for now, Drew Rosenhaus would like the world to know ALL IS WELL!