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Tony Jerod-Eddie and Von Miller need a reality show

Two weeks ago, Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller signed a contract extension that made him the highest paid non-quarterback in NFL history. Shortly after the signing, Miller tweeted a video of him photoshopped into the “Show me the money!” scene from Jerry Maguire. We brought it up because it also included San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Tony Jerod-Eddie. Miller’s face was photoshopped over Rod Tidwell, and TJE’s face was photoshopped over the face of Tidwell’s brother, Tee Pee.

Miller and TJE have been best friends dating back to high school, when TJE lived with Miller’s family. I bring this up today because there is a fantastic article about Miller, with a cameo from TJE. The Ringer took a look at Miller and how he might be the weirdest player in the NFL. I don’t know if “weird” is the proper term, but Miller went with it saying, “I guess I’m just weird.” The context is his many interests off the field, which range from chicken-farming to going down YouTube rabbit holes learning about some random topic.

The article is a great read, and includes a couple TJE segments. In one he talks about Miller asking him what a living species might look like on Pluto. In another, TJE talks about their trips to amusements parks. And another involves Miller testing how fast TJE’s new car can go. I really think the two of them need to get a camera following them around. It doesn’t need to be on a TV channel, but maybe a YouTube page, or upload some video to Facebook or Twitter, or even do something on Snapchat. Anything they can do to expose their friendship to the world. It cracks me up.