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Marcus Cromartie thinks anticipation is high for Chip Kelly, 49ers training camp

The 49ers return to training camp this weekend, and anticipation is high. Defensive back Marcus Cromartie discussed it recently.

The San Francisco 49ers welcome their players back this Saturday, July 30, and players seem ready to get going. NaVorro Bowman and Torrey Smith were among those tweeting about their excitement for the return of football. On Tuesday, defensive back Marcus Cromartie discussed the excitement in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Cromartie expresses plenty of enthusiasm about Chip Kelly and what he’ll bring to the 49ers. It is no surprise to hear a player fired up for a first year coach, especially coming off an abysmal previous coach. It is entirely possible Kelly could wear out his welcome down the road, but if he can focus on the on-field aspect of things and stay out of personnel decisions, maybe this works out better than some expect.

Here’s the full transcript, and I have embedded the audio below.

How off time has been and how fired up is he to get back to work:

“The off time’s been great, off time’s always great. But I think anticipation is high. Whenever you get a new coach, especially somebody like Chip Kelly, the uncertainty level, it certainly brings a new level of excitement, for sure. I think the guys are fired up. You can just tell by OTAs, how, we want to win. I think that’s the most important thing right now is winning and I think guys are going to buy into what Chip Kelly is selling.”

On strengths of 49ers:

“I think the strength is still experience. We’ve got a lot of guys who played on that Super Bowl team. They have experience in what it is to win, and what it feels like to be successful, and you can’t take that for granted. And I think you just need a few leaders and you just need the young guys to follow. And I think that’s what Chip Kelly’s kind of preaching. We’ve got the experience, we’ve got the talent. You just need to put it all together.”

On what he brings to the table with sports science, practice structure, etc, and how people embrace it:

“I think a lot of guys embrace it and the fact is, when you work, you work, and when you’re not working, he’s not just going to keep you there for just no reason. He’s all about getting your business done and going home. And I think a lot of guys can appreciate that instead of these long-winded meetings and these long-winded days. The practices are going to be tough, for sure. I know a lot of people talk about how hard Chip Kelly practices are. They’re for sure not easy, but what you can appreciate is that he’s not going to leave you out there for three hours. You’re going to get your work done and he’s going to let you go home so you can study your playbook and do whatever you need to do. And I think guys have bought into that, because as long as you work hard, he’s going to look after you.”