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Colin Kaepernick passes tests from Vail surgeon

Colin Kaepernick had shoulder, thumb, and knee surgery in Colorado late last year. His surgeon put him through drills and Kaepernick reportedly passed them.

All appears well for Colin Kaepernick as training camp approaches. Matt Maiocco reported on Tuesday that he was in Vail, Colorado getting one last checkup on his rehab progress from shoulder, thumb, and knee surgeries. Later in the day, Matt Barrows had the proverbial bow on that report. According to Barrows, Kaepernick’s surgeon put him through a series of tests that included on-field work, and the 49ers quarterback passed all the tests.

Kaepernick was placed on injured reserve last season with a torn labrum. He had surgery on the labrum, as well as his thumb and knee. I imagine this final checkup was primarily for the shoulder injury. He will go through a physical when he arrives at the 49ers facility in Santa Clara, and they will need to clear him as well. Kaepernick has had some issues with the 49ers medical folks, leading to him getting the second opinion that resulted in surgery. That being said, given that he was cleared for some team drills back in June minicamp, there is no reason to think he won’t be fully cleared for full practice at the start of training camp.