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Watch Phil Dawson kicking field goals, from the ball’s perspective

Phil Dawson will be back in Santa Clara this week for his 18th season in the NFL. He played 14 years with the Cleveland Browns, and is entering his fourth season with the San Francisco 49ers.

Dawson remains a strong field goal kicker, but his career won’t last forever. Like many athletes, he is looking for other ways to set himself up long-term. It turns out he is moving into virtual coaching. Dawson has joined up with eCoach, a company that provides video coaching and analysis. Ken Griffey Jr., Trent Dilfer, and Chris Burke are the other coaches on staff with eCoach.

Dawson posted a video earlier today to promote eCoach. It shows him doing various drills, and we get to see them from different camera angles. There are a couple instances where we see a camera on the football itself, and at the 0:56 second mark, we see a Dawson kick from the POV of the football. It’s random, but interesting.