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Rams release Nick Foles, no I don’t see him with 49ers

The Rams tried to trade Nick Foles in the offseason without success. Now he’s a free agent. Naturally, people will connect him to the 49ers.

The Los Angeles Rams released Nick Foles on Wednesday, after Foles had reportedly asked for said release. The team had been reportedly trying to deal him during the offseason, but nothing came of that. And so now, he’s a free agent with a chance to sign anywhere.

Naturally, this has people suggesting the San Francisco 49ers as a potential destination:

This is but one example, and I imagine there will be more national media suggesting the move.

But, let’s cut to the chase. No, I do not think the 49ers will sign Nick Foles. His only real success in the NFL came under Chip Kelly, so yes, there is logic in connecting the two names together without any further context. But is Foles as good or better than Blaine Gabbert and/or Colin Kaepernick. I suppose that’s opening up a hornet’s nest of debate here, but I just don’t see it. Adding a body for competition is not a bad thing, but I think we see the 49ers focus on Gabbert and Kap as their two options this season. They don’t have a solution long-term, but even with that in mind, I don’t see them adding Foles.