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Darron Lee signs rookie contract, leaves Joey Bosa, Joshua Garnett unsigned

The San Francisco 49ers still have an unsigned rookie. When will we see them get Joshua Garnett signed to his four-year rookie contract?

The New York Jets reported to training camp, and they quickly finished up important business. The team signed first round pick Darron Lee to his four-year rookie contract. There were reportedly arguments over the amount of guaranteed money, and reports now state he got a fully guaranteed deal.

The Lee signing leaves San Francisco 49ers guard Joshua Garnett and San Diego Chargers defensive lineman Joey Bosa as the only unsigned draft picks. There are reports Bosa’s negotiations have revolved around offset language and bonus structure. However, we have not heard anything regarding Garnett’s contract negotiations. My guess is it relates to offset language (described here back in 2013), but who knows. The 49ers made a trade up into the first round to get Garnett. His salary and signing bonus are pretty straight forward due to the rookie wage scale, but who knows what negotiations are going on over offsets, bonuses, or salary guarantees.

The 49ers rookies and veterans report to training camp on Saturday, July 30. I would hope we see Garnett in camp by then, but we’re likely going to be waiting until at least Saturday for news on a Garnett signing.