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USA Today has 49ers finishing 2016 season with top-3 draft pick

A USA Today writer made record predictions for all 32 teams, and sees the 49ers finishing poorly. No surprises here.

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The start of NFL training camps means a last month of predictions before the regular starts. USA Today NFL writer Nate Davis has taken to predicting the entire season, including records for all 32 teams and playoff predictions. He was back on Wednesday with his 2016 predictions.

It is not surprising he has the San Francisco 49ers finishing last in the NFC West. He sees them having a miserable season, finishing 2-14. In discussing the 49ers, he talks about how Chip Kelly is inheriting a team with less talent than what he had with the Philadelphia Eagles, playing in a tougher division, and dealing with a schedule that includes four trips to the East Coast.

Davis’ predictions had the 49ers tied with the Tennessee Titans for the second worst record in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns were at the top with a 1-15 record. Immediately behind the 49ers and Titans was the Philadelphia Eagles at 4-12, and then the Los Angeles Rams at 5-11.

There are not many surprises in the predictions. The most notable might be the Oakland Raiders finishing 10-6 and winning the AFC West. It’s not shocking because the Raiders have gotten a lot of love this offseason, but given the recent history of the Raiders, it’s a moderately bold take. He also has the Indianapolis Colts finishing 8-8, in third place behind the 9-7 Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars.