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Aldon Smith has checked into rehab

Three years ago, Aldon Smith checked into rehab after a DUI incident that ended with him driving into a tree. Smith is now headed back to rehab, according to TMZ Sports. This comes a few days removed from video surfacing that suggested Smith was smoking some kind of substance. Smith is currently suspended by the NFL for multiple violations of the personal conduct and substance abuse policies.

Bill Williamson offered up this tweet after apparently speaking with some people “close” to Smith.

Smith has dealt with substance abuse issues for much of his NFL career. Alcohol has been the primary issue, and an arrest for DUI resulted in his latest suspension. The league will likely look into the video mentioned above and decide if a lengthier suspension is warranted.

Whatever happens with that, the hope for most of us (I would imagine) is that Smith get his life turned around and on the right track. Whether he plays football or not, this self-destructive path is not a good thing. We’ll see how seriously he takes this return to rehab.