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Joshua Garnett expected to reach agreement on rookie contract Friday evening

It appears the 49ers are just about to finalize their last draft pick contract.

It took a little longer than expected, but rookie guard Joshua Garnett is just about set to get his rookie contract done. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting an agreement is expected to be reached Friday evening. The San Francisco 49ers traded up into the first round to land him, and he is the second to last draft pick to agree to his rookie deal. Joey Bosa is the lone holdout with the San Diego Chargers.

We don’t know the exact numbers of Garnett’s potential deal, but we can guess pretty close thanks to the rookie wage scale. The 2011 CBA included a rookie scale that cut down on big contracts for high picks. There is some wiggle room in the deals, but the most extensive discussion is over guarantees and offset language. Based on Over The Cap’s projections, Garnett’s deal likely included a signing bonus at about $4,966,772, with a total projected value of $9,304,310.

Garnett arrives in camp to compete for the right guard position. Brandon Thomas is holding down the first team position for now, but it will be interesting to see how this competition shakes out. Some suggested maybe Thomas could eventually take Zane Beadles job. There’s a lot to be done before then, but it’s going to be interesting.