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Anthony Davis reinstated by NFL, reporting to 49ers training camp today

The San Francisco 49ers right tackle competition is taking a step up with word that Anthony Davis is in town.

Fooch’s note: Ian Rapoport tweeted that Davis has been reinstated by the NFL. The team will make a move sometime today or tomorrow to clear a roster space.

Earlier this week, San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis filed paperwork to be reinstated in the NFL. It appears he has received some kind of clearance at this point. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting Davis is going to report to training camp today. There has been no formal word about reinstatement, but it would seem like things are happening. The 49ers will have to clear a spot on their 90-man roster for Davis.

His return opens up the right tackle competition significantly. In the offseason workout program, Erik Pears was the starter, Trent Brown was the backup, and John Theus and Fahn Cooper split additional reps. Prior to retirement, Davis would have been viewed as the best of the bunch, but he has not played since the 2014 season, so his status is tenuous.

There is of course also the question of how he will be accepted back in the locker room. I think players might understand the issue of getting healthy, but the idea of “quitting” on the team is not exactly a positive trait. But if they think he can help them win, I think they can move past it. I have to think he meets with the media sooner rather than later. Players have media availability starting at 12:30 today, so we’ll see.