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Blaine Gabbert, Torrey Smith part of group doing work at San Jose State this week

The San Francisco 49ers kicked off training camp on Saturday, but some players got some team work in earlier this week. Torrey Smith told the assembled media that Blaine Gabbert got some players together at San Jose State to do some throwing before training camp. Colin Kaepernick was not in attendance, likely because he was getting his final clearance with his surgeon in Colorado.

The last time we heard about throwing at San Jose State was back in 2011 during the lockout at “Camp Alex.” The players had a playbook to work on learning the Jim Harbaugh/Greg Roman offense since they could not work with the coaches until the lockout ended. This time, there’s no lockout, but they were not allowed to work with coaches between the end of minicamp and the start of training camp.

In reality, this was likely less about playbook implementation, and more about just continuing to build the chemistry. Gabbert and Smith (and some of the other receivers) worked together the latter half of last season. They all had time together in OTAs and minicamp, but there can never be enough throwing time.