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Talking 49ers training camp report day on Facebook Live

The San Francisco 49ers have officially returned for training camp, and will hold their first practice on Sunday. Jennifer Chan was on hand and had a chance to speak with the players. After that wrapped, she chatted about some of the things from Saturday on Facebook Live at the NN Facebook page. You can view the video above. Here is a rundown of some of the topics she discussed. She’ll be back on Facebook Live Sunday following practice.

9:43 - Anthony Davis
9:11 - When practice starts
8:34 - Joshua Garnett question
8:02 - What players said about Jason Peters comments
6:33 - Inside linebacker next to NaVorro Bowman
5:57 - Colin Kaepernick
5:45 - How Carlos Hyde is feeling
4:55 - Quick updates on Hyde, Bethea 2015 injuries
4:24 - How Bowman feels about the coming season
3:32 - Next nose tackle
2:53 - How Colin Kaepernick looks in weight
2:04 - Are 49ers better than what people think