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Carlos Hyde on his many goals: “I’m trying to hit 1,500 yards”

The 49ers running back is poised for a huge year in Chip Kelly’s offense. He spoke with the media Saturday on his lofty goals and how he fits in Chip Kelly’s uptempo offense. You can watch video here.

Did you stay here for the offseason?

No I went back to Miami, working out in Miami. Got some really good work here in Miami.

Who’d you work out with?

Myself. (laughs) No it was me and my trainer at the place I worked out at. I mean it was pretty much by myself. I had the gym to myself, it was just me and him.

Do you like it that way?

I do. I like my times. All about me.

Where did you train and who is your trainer?

I trained at Core Fitness, and the guy who owns it, his name is Andy and it’s just me and him. Just in there working.

What were you guys working on? Was it Plyometrics? Strength Training?

No it was, we did a lot of conditioning, agility quick-twist stuff. Stuff I can take over and use on the field right away.

You look like you lost a few more pounds since June?

How much did I weigh in June? *laughs* I’m still in the 220s so that’s good.

I think you said you were shooting for 220?

No, not 220, that’s too light. I’m not trying to go lower than 225. Between 225 and 230 is where I’m trying to stay at.

The way you’re physically fit and the way this offense caters towards the run do you think you’ll really open eyes around the league this year?

Yeah, definitely. Think this year will be way better than last year. Not just for me but the whole offense. I think things will be good for everybody. I’m excited.

Some running backs struggle from running the shotgun. You seem successful running from the shotgun why are you comfortable in those formations?

Kinda got used to it playing at Ohio State. Even at Ohio State, I wasn’t expecting to get comfortable with that type of offense, but I did. You just buy into the system, you learn it, it also gives you an opportunity to see everything, it’s like you playing quarterback., but you’re a running back. It’s easier, to me it is.

And the vision, you have a good feel for the vision from that spot?

Yeah. I just feel like you get a better feel for it. You get to see, get a better feel for your lineman, see how the linebackers flowing, you’re right up there on them. You get to hit the hole a lot quicker.

When you’re in an offense that runs as many zone concepts as Chip Kelly does, how do you find that balance? Because you have to be patient, but you have to hit the hole quick. Is that an innate thing or can you learn that?

This is a fast tempo offense. You have to be patient, but you can play your game. If you want to run fast, if you want to take your time on it, it’s really up to the running back. Me? I just want to get going. Get my pads north and south and get 4 to 5 yards every time.

That’s what you’re shooting for 4 to 5 Or 4 to 6?

I said, 4 to 5 yards every time. We are going to be on the right page.

LaDainian Tomlinson said you are set for a breakout season. What does it mean for someone like that to say that about you?

That’s huge coming from LT. A guy that did it the right way when he was in the league playing. I try to live up to that. I appreciate him having the confidence in me. I have that confidence in myself and I’m looking forward to this year.

I don’t think you’ve played with Blaine (49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert) have you?


Is that chemistry untapped? You don’t know what’s there yet?

I feel it’s like me and Blaine we are just going to go hit it off. Everything is going to be cool, I’m going to be working with him at the OTAs, the minicamp already. Already building that chemistry. I was already kind of familiar with Blaine. Coming in here my rookie year and Blaine has always been here so I was already kinda familiar with Blaine running with all the 2s and stuff.

What about Colin [Kaepernick]? Do you have the comfort level, having also been around him and taken handoffs from him?

Yeah, either one. I’m comfortable with either one back there with me. I’m cool with either one.

What’s your goal for this year?

My goal for this year? Which goal? I got a lot of them. Personal goal? My number 1 goal is to stay healthy. Make sure my body is A-1 come Sunday. After that, I’m trying to hit 1,500 yards. I do that, then it’s hats off to my offensive line, and my tight ends, receivers. Means they did a helluva job blocking.

Speaking of offensive line, Anthony Davis is back. Is that exciting for you as a running back?

It’s good to have him back. Definitely, he’s a guy that’s going to be able to come in and help our offensive line a lot. We also got a lot of young guys that are going to be competing for that spot too though, so I don’t think anything is going to be given to him. Gotta come in and work for it. Just like everybody else has to come in and work for their spot. I’m really looking forward to training camp, you really get to see what you have.

Is it hard as a physical running back in training camp where you might not be able to deliver the punishment you like to deliver to defenders, or be as physical as other players on the field in practice because you have to preserve your body and save yourself for the regular season. Is that tough?

You can be physical in practice. I don’t see why not. I might not get to run somebody over, but I can still stiff-arm you, make a move on you, and to me that’s going to help me out so I can take that over to Sunday because I don’t have to think about running you over because I’ve been training in training camp, making guys miss and stiff arm people. Trying to get these big plays.