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Chip Kelly training camp press conference live stream, day 2

The San Francisco 49ers are back for training camp, and it is time for the first practice! The team will be on the practice field at 10:25 a.m. PT. Prior to that, head coach Chip Kelly will meet with the press for his first training camp press conference, at 10:10 a.m.

CSN Bay Area has a live stream set up, although I am not positive they will have this press conference. My guess is yes, and so I’ve embedded their stream up above. You can also check out If there are any issues with either stream, I've embedded the beat writer Twitter list below, so you can see what they have to tweet out.

Once the 10:25 a.m. practice wraps, there will be player availability. The team had select veterans and rookies available on Saturday. The quarterbacks were not available, but are likely speaking on Sunday. Jennifer Chan is on hand, and we’ll have plenty more as the day progresses. We'll likely have the transcript early this afternoon.