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Blaine Gabbert, Colin Kaepernick splitting snaps to start training camp

The 49ers quarterback competition begins on even ground.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback competition is officially split down the middle. Chip Kelly told the media on Sunday that Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick will split snaps down the middle on day one. They will each get 12 snaps with the first team offense, and then 12 more snaps with the second team offense.

Chip Kelly has said Blaine Gabbert did not take a lead with the extra work over Kaepernick in the offseason workout program, and this would indicate as much. Gabbert might have a little more comfort throwing the ball around more than Kaepernick, but it appears to be an even playing field for the time being. Kelly made an interesting point that he spent a lot of time talking with Kaepernick during the offseason workout program because Kaepernick was shadowing the quarterbacks and Kelly was back there with him. Kelly said he was really sharp from a mental standpoint.

The 49ers first preseason game is two weeks from today, so we’ll see plenty of first team reps for both players heading into the game. I am curious to see how snaps are split in that first game, and who gets the start in Week 1 and then in Week 2. Kelly has said there is not a specific timeline for deciding the starter, so we’ll wait and see.