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Aaron Lynch offers excuse for failed drug test

Aaron Lynch is suspended for four games due to a failed drug test. He blamed it on drinking too much water.

The San Francisco 49ers will be without outside linebacker Aaron Lynch for the first four games of the season after he failed a drug test. Lynch met with the media on Sunday and told them the test was an unreadable specimen because he drank too much water. That resulted in what was essentially a failed test. He said he has been in the program dating back to college, thus the reason for the suspension. He can continue practicing and then playing in the preseason, and then will sit the first four weeks of the regular season.

I’ve mentioned this to people I know that have gone through drug tests. I had one employment drug test, and it was a hair test. But for the urine test, the people I spoke with sort of laughed and said “sure,” given the nature of potentially flushing the system. He could be 100 percent on the level with this, but it’s also easy to be skeptical. Ideally it was just some silly mistake like this, but whether this is true or not, hopefully he realizes he is running out of chances.