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Arizona Cardinals cut Lawrence Okoye because he parked in someone else’s parking spot

Bruce Arians doesn’t have many rules, but his parking rules are paramount!

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The Arizona Cardinals 2015 season is currently being recapped in an 8-episode show on Amazon Prime called “All or Nothing.” It provides an inside look at the team’s 2015 season, and is similar to Hard Knocks on HBO. The big difference is that it goes the length of the season, and is well after the fact.

I haven’t been paying too much attention to it, but one thing did catch my attention. In episode 3, we learn one of the reasons the team released Lawrence Okoye from their practice squad. The Cardinals signed Okoye on September 7, 2015, after he was cut by the 49ers when the team cut down to 75 players. The Cardinals then released Okoye on October 21. In episode 3, there is a scene in the team office in which head coach Bruce Arians, general manager Steve Keim, and team president Michael Bidwill are discussing Okoye. Bidwill says something about “moving on from Okoye.” We then get this exchange between the three men:

Arians: “Parked in the wrong spot. There weren’t any parking places so he just parked and came running in.”

Keim: “Tough [site decorum], bro.”

Arians: "He has a different sense of entitlement having been an Olympian. He is a talented guy, and he probably aught to go to Oxford.”

Bidwill: “Follow the rules."

Keim: “Exactly.”

Apparently Arians had previously told the players about parking in their own spot. After this segment, Arians is seen telling Okoye’s replacement to mind the parking rules, saying, “[i]f it says ‘handicapped’ or if it says ‘season ticket holder,’ the guy that you replaced, he parked there. We ain’t got many rules.”

That is followed by Calais Campbell bringing it up in a team meeting with the team having lost two of their last three games. Campbell talks about how if they mind the small stuff, the team will turn the corner and start winning some games. I get the idea behind that, but it’s still kind of amusing to consider that understanding parking rules is going to win them football games.

The one thing I did take away from this is that Steve Keim seems a little too much like a “bro” for my tastes. It wasn’t just dropping the word “bro,” but the tone with which he said it. I had no opinion about him before, but for the time being, I’m a little skeptical about him.