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Lions release Stephen Tulloch ... finally

It only took four months, but the Lions finally released middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch. The 49ers don’t know exactly what they have next to NaVorro Bowman, but I doubt it will include Tulloch.

Way back in February, we had an article about how the Detroit Lions were going to release middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch. Detroit was reportedly going to take care of that piece of business at the start of free agency. Well, four months later, they finally did it. The team announced on Tuesday they have released Tulloch.

Naturally, this got a couple people asking if the 49ers will have any interest. I did not think they would be interested early in free agency, and I don’t see anything changing now. Michael Wilhoite, Gerald Hodges, and Ray-Ray Armstrong are competing to start alongside NaVorro Bowman. They rotated snaps during OTAs and minicamp, and now we get to wait until the end of the month to find out if any of the three emerged.

My guess is the rotation continues that first week once pads go on, and then someone takes over the starting role after that first preseason game. The team has plenty of snaps to work with in that first preseason game, and I would be surprised if NaVorro Bowman sees too many snaps. A little work isn’t bad for him, but I think we see a lot of the Hodges, Wilhoite, and Armstrong working together.