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Ciara “reportedly” scared for Russell Wilson’s life due to rap lyrics

Some of this comes from TMZ so maybe not. But it’s still amusing.

GQ, Saks Fifth Avenue, And Future Celebrate All-Star Style - Inside Photo by Sam Santos/Getty Images for GQ

In case you didn’t know, Russell Wilson got married to Ciara [insert joke here] and I, along with many of you really don’t care (though you can imagine the media attention it has gotten here in Seattle). But when a rapper makes a diss on Wilson in a song, well, now that’s got comic gold written all over it. Yeah, you don’t need me, you can just take it from there and laugh for hours. But what the hell, I got space to fill.

From experience, when you hear/watch your ex get married, it can be a terrible feeling.  Ciara’s ex-fiance, rap star Future, went through his own issues through song as reported by several media outlets. The ‘diss’ or ‘phat beat’ as you’d call it comes from Future’s song, "Juice". Here’s the lyric she’s upset about:

"Tryna f*** my baby mama, dog what’s up wit you?/You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you."

According to  legal documents being filed in a defamation suit against Future , she cites this song and a now-deleted Instagram post which had some questionable content. Ciara has a son with Future and the relationship ended when Future allegedly cheated on her.

To be fair, this next part comes from TMZ. Yeah, we all know the mixed feelings towards them, but they say Ciara is legitimately scared Future is going to go after Russell Wilson's life. The fact it’s TMZ kind of takes all the fun out of this. A Harry Potter novel is more realistic at times than some of the stories they post. But this is Russell I’ll keep going.

As a person who used to be in a rap group (no really, M.C. El Pato was actually a thing), as well as an artist in general, I can attest to how liberating it is fighting your demons in your art. Especially in things you would probably never even consider in real life. I’m not saying Ciara shouldn’t be worried, I’m just saying I see both sides of this.

So here’s Russell Wilson, Seattle’s squeaky clean face of the franchise who’s become a subject of Future’s rage for a matter of 5 seconds. I don’t want anyone getting hurt, even him, but Wilson of all people getting ripped in a brief lyric of a rap song makes me laugh for reasons I may never explain. Ciara’s defamation case is rather interesting as well as it's built using a rap lyric, a deleted Instagram post and tweets.

After a brief check, it looks like Future doesn’t have an arrest sheet (at least one I could find). He is being sued for defamation by Ciara and for non-payment of child support by Jessica Smith (who he has another child with). To close this out, he did thumb out this tweet:

Happy Friday, everyone.