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49ers not pursuing Nick Foles, all eggs in Gabbert/Kaepernick basket

49ers head coach Chip Kelly clarified the quarterback position, at least it relates to free agent Nick Foles.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly had his first KNBR radio interview of training camp, and it was filled with all sorts of random nuggets. He did get a question about free agent quarterback Nick Foles. The Los Angeles Rams released him after being unable to trade him, and given the Foles-Kelly history in Philadelphia, people have speculated that maybe the 49ers would talk to him.

Chip Kelly shot that down for the time being. He said that he loved Nick Foles, but, “right now our eggs are in Kap and Blaine’s basket, and we’re gonna see what those guys can do, and very confident in what they can do.“

That doesn’t really remove the potential of future interest, but I would not expect Kelly to say, no we’ll never look at a guy. Well, there would be some rare exceptions, but generally it’s perfectly fine to leave at least a little bit of wiggle room. For the time being though, Nick Foles will not be walking through that door.