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Chip Kelly does not drink coffee, not a caffeine guy

Random, but fascinating (to some) information.

Just when I thought I could not like Chip Kelly any more, he goes out and offers me this! The San Francisco 49ers head coach was on KNBR Monday morning for his first interview of training camp, and the topic of coffee came up. Kelly thought it made sense for players to limit themselves to no more than two cups. The team would not punish players for drinking more, but he views it as an overused stimulant.

Murph and Mac joked about their own coffee intake, and then asked him if he obeys his own rule. Kelly said that he does not like coffee, and is not a caffeine guy. Most people probably do not care one way or another, but clearly this will raise controversy with some!

I actually am not a big caffeine person either. I gave up soda four years ago, and don’t drink coffee. I do like coffee ice cream, so that gives me a caffeine kick once in a while. My drink of choice in the morning is green tea. It comes with some caffeine, but is pretty low. I won’t begrudge people their caffeine, but I will say that cutting back has led to better sleep. Once I fall asleep I’m good to go, but in the past, I would toss and turn a bit before getting to sleep. Now, I’m out like a light pretty quick. And while I can get a little tired late at night, I’m generally in pretty good shape in terms of staying awake and getting work done during the day.

Considering the energy Kelly brings, it is a little surprising he is not a caffeine guy. But he also is big into health and whatnot, so this does not surprise me in that regard. Mark Saltveit summed it up best: