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49ers Kezar Stadium practice brings plenty of video

The San Francisco 49ers are holding an open practice on Wednesday at Kezar Stadium. Here is some video fans are sharing on Twitter.

The San Francisco 49ers are practicing at Kezar Stadium today, providing 8,000 or so fans a chance to check out the team. It is the only planned open practice of training camp, and people are getting what they can out of it. Jennifer Chan is attending, along with 49ers Fan Girl Tracy Sandler, and they will have a report first thing Thursday morning.

We’ll have our normal recap of the recaps this afternoon, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some videos posted on social media from practice. It’s all individual plays in isolation, but it’s video nonetheless. This is not all the video out there, but you can check out the people tweeting the video for more of it. And they each offer their own thoughts on what they are se