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The 49ers entered Kezar Stadium through a reeeaaallly old tunnel on Wednesday

Man, this is an old stadium!

The San Francisco 49ers practiced at Kezar Stadium on Wednesday, and through the team’s Snapchat account, we got to see just how old the 49ers one-time stadium is. The team entered the stadium for practice by way of an old tunnel. And when I say “old tunnel,” I mean old tunnel. It’s kind of crazy how small and decrepit the tunnel is. Most players were able to walk through it fine, but 6’7 DeForest Buckner had to bend down a little to get through the cramped conditions.

You can see some video of the various entrances on the 49ers Snapchat channel (username: sf49ers), but here are some screenshots I grabbed.

49ers Snapchat channel (username: sf49ers)