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It’s fantasy football time once again at Niners Nation!

The San Francisco 49ers kick off their preseason on Sunday, which means the regular season is getting closer. Nearly as important? It’s time for fantasy football once again. We’re running official NN leagues with Yahoo! Fantasy Football once again.

I have created a Niners Nation league that you can access right here. The draft is in about three weeks (August 30 at 7pm PT). Come join it!

That league will likely fill up quickly so people can create their own leagues in the comments from there. What I would recommend is if the league is full, you create a new league and post a link for people to join. Once that one fills, someone posts another, and so forth. That way we don’t have 100 leagues with 5 people in each.

I’m not planning on drafting a whole lot of 49ers this year, but there are some sleeper options. Carlos Hyde will likely be the highest picked 49er. Bruce Ellington and Torrey Smith are intriguing sleepers given the volume of Chip Kelly’s offense. The 49ers defense could be an intriguing D/ST option as well.

So, sign up for some Yahoo! Fantasy. You can create a new league here once the one above is full.