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49ers will have fourth most travel miles in 2016

Year in and year out, the west coast football teams end up among the league leaders in travel miles. It remains the same this year, with the San Francisco 49ers coming in fourth at 25,668 miles. It’s actually 2,330 less miles than last year, and the Rams move to Los Angeles is helpful.

The 49ers have three road trips of two games this season. They include Carolina/Seattle, Miami/Chicago, and Atlanta/Los Angeles. The team has not said if they will stay in Youngstown, Ohio, but the Miami/Chicago road trip could make sense.

The Rams lead the league in travel miles with 35,952 thanks to a trip to London to face the New York Giants. Even with that trip overseas, the Giants are still 22nd in total miles, with 15,196. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the least amount of travel, at 5,142 miles. Here’s the full rundown of travel miles across the league.