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Colin Kaepernick applying to wear tinted visor

Colin Kaepernick has been wearing a tinted visor (referred to eye shield in league rules) in practice, but he is still awaiting word on his application wear the visor in game action. On Friday, someone asked him about his tinted visor, and he said he is currently going through that process.

Kaepernick was first spotted wearing the visor in minicamp, and it turns out he got contacts this offseason for his short vision. A doctor recommended the tinted visor, and so he has applied to wear it during games. NFL rules allow a player to wear a clear visor without permission, but they must get a doctor’s note to get league approval for a tinted visor.

There is no word on how long the application process is, and so we’ll see what Kaepernick is wearing when he starts getting into games. Whether it happens Sunday against the Texans remains to be seen.