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Which 49ers players will you be watching in the second half of the preseason opener?

We look at rookies and previous UDFAs we’ll be tracking in the 49ers preseason opener.

The 49ers first preseason game will likely feature fairly limited snaps for the starting lineup, and then a whole lot of snaps for the second and third (and occasionally fourth) string players. I posted a sortable roster table since we won’t recall all the names, but some of those players could make enough of an impact that they push for a roster spot.

On Saturday, we discussed what to expect with draft picks and UDFAs, and now I thought we’d open the floor to see which younger players, and others under the radar that we’ll be tracking in the second half. Some of the draft picks will be getting early playing time, but most will be coming on later in the second or third quarter. Some of the UDFAs will come midway through the game, but plenty will later in the third and fourth quarter.

Among the UDFAs, Bryce Treggs and Devon Cajuste are the easy ones to point out. Jason Fanaika is one I’ll be paying close attention to as the 49ers figure out their pass rush depth chart. We’ll be watching all the draft picks, but Jeff Driskel and Prince Charles Iworah are the two I’m most intrigued by in this opener. Driskel has been getting positive reviews in camp, while Iworah has off-the-charts athleticism. I’d like to see how they convert in live game action.

The trio of last year’s undrafted wide receivers, Dres Anderson, DiAndre Campbell, and DeAndrew White might not all be second half players, but I’m really curious to see what they do with a year under their respective belts. White made the 53-man roster last year, Campbell spent the season on the practice squad, and Anderson went on injured reserve at the end of camp. I would not be surprised if at least one of them was on the 53-man roster this season.

Colin Kelly is another player I’ll be keeping an eye on. The 49ers free agent addition out of the CFL has been moving around the line, and should get extensive playing time on Sunday. My guess is he comes on sometime in the third quarter. The 49ers gave him $65,000 in guaranteed money, which is just over what Alex Balducci got as the team’s highest paid UDFA.

Who are you going to be watching late?