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49ers game-day programs for the 2016 season

We’ll have pictures of all the home game-day programs for you.

Jennifer Chan is on hand for the San Francisco 49ers 2016 preseason opener, and one of her tweets gave me an idea. The 49ers have a different player on the cover of each game-day program, with ten programs in total. Jennifer has received a credential for the season and will be posting a picture of each program. We’re going to collect those pictures in here so we have a running tally of all the covers. Just something I think would be fun to track all season.

49ers vs. Texans (preseason) - Game 1

Jennifer tweeted out today’s, which features Carlos Hyde. There is no denying Hyde will be critical to the 49ers offense in 2016. However, when Week 1 arrives, my guess is either NaVorro Bowman or Joe Staley will be gracing the cover of the game-day program.

49ers vs. Packers (preseason) - Game 2

Interesting choice for the second preseason game. The 49ers went with third-year cornerback Jimmie Ward, who has moved outside to start opposite Tramaine Brock. He could be a leader on this defense sooner rather than later.

49ers vs. Rams - Game 3

We’re back for the regular season! The latest program to kick off the season features Joe Staley. It is not surprising that the offensive leader would be on the cover. I am guessing NaVorro Bowman will be on the Game 4 cover, but we’ll see.

49ers vs. Cowboys - Game 4

The 49ers are back home facing the Dallas Cowboys in Week 4, marking their fourth home game of the 2016 campaign (two preseason, two regular season). Special teams leader Phil Dawson gets the honors. Hopefully the 49ers offense provides him more extra point opportunities than field goal opportunities!

49ers vs. Cardinals - Game 5

The 49ers wrap up a two-game home stand with Thursday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals. Apparently NaVorro Bowman was scheduled to be on the cover. I'm guessing they had a lot of work over the last 72 hours to get these changed over.