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Free agent quarterbacks the 49ers could sign with Thad Lewis out

The 49ers have QB depth issues. Could they sign one of these guys off the street?

The San Francisco 49ers are down to three quarterbacks following Thad Lewis’s torn ACL. They likely will carry no more than three QBs on the roster during the regular season, but in the preseason, an extra arm is likely necessary. And considering the volume of throws in Chip Kelly’s offense, another arm would probably be welcome by the other three quarterbacks.

Any quarterback signing now knows their roster chances are relatively slim. We are through the first preseason game, so there are only three games left for a free agent to learn a new offense and get into game action. There are going to be players available, just looking for one more chance, but the pickings are relatively slim.

I did some googling, and these would seem to be the veteran options:

Michael Vick
Matt Flynn
Charlie Whitehurst
Tarvaris Jackson
Jimmy Clausen
Pat Devlin
Ryan Lindley

Vick played in Chip Kelly’s offense back in 2013, so there is some familiarity. I’ve seen some reports he wants to play one last year, so that’s certainly one possibility. I would say it is unlikely, but considering the 49ers current QB situation, I’m guessing we can’t remove any remotely realistic options.