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No, Anthony Davis is not moving to guard

We’ve heard numerous suggestions about moving Anthony Davis to guard. Twice on Monday, Chip Kelly shot that down.

The return of Anthony Davis has brought with it a question we’ve heard in the past: will the 49ers consider moving him to right guard. For the time being, Chip Kelly has no plans on that. He said on KNBR Monday morning, and again in his 1 p.m. press conference that Davis is currently learning the right tackle responsibilities in the offense, and that is it.

Trent Brown is currently playing right tackle, with Davis on the second team. Davis gave up the one sack on Sunday, but he did solid work otherwise, particularly in the ground game. It was his first game in a year and a half, so all things considered, I thought he did pretty well. He has work in front of him, but with three games remaining, he has some time to impress.

Kelly thinks Davis is talented enough to play anywhere on the offensive line, but for the time being he is sticking with tackle. So, I’d say that ends that discussion for now.