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Colin Kaepernick dealing with ‘dead arm,’ per Adam Schefter

The San Francisco 49ers continue to wait and see on Colin Kaepernick’s status for this week, but Adam Schefter chimed in. He says two sources described Kaepernick as having a “dead arm” for the time being, and the hope is that he gets his strength back soon. On Friday, Chip Kelly was asked if he would describe Kaepernick’s arm issue as arm fatigue or a tired shoulder. Kelly had this to say:

“Yeah. I don’t have the exact medical term, but arm fatigue or, again, the amount of reps. Our guys are throwing somewhere between 86 and 102 balls a day and just getting him back up to throwing every day. That’s why we had planned on actually taking yesterday off. We knew that going in. He didn’t throw during the spring full because of coming off of it. So, it’s just trying to get his arm back to where we can just use him every day. If we’ve got to take a day off in between, it’s not a real big deal.”

I don’t know if arm fatigue and dead arm are the same thing, or what, so make what you want of it at this point. Kaepernick said he has dealt with similar stuff when he was pitching, and it would snap back. The 49ers did not have a practice session on Monday, but will be back at it later this week. We’ll be tracking Kaepernick’s participation closely. All indications for now are that it is shoulder soreness, but obviously we have to wait and see if he gets back on the field soon.