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Colin Kaepernick dressed, not throwing in 49ers walkthrough practice

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues to be sidelined by a tired arm. We break down the latest news.

The San Francisco 49ers are conducting a walkthrough style practice on Tuesday, and once again, Colin Kaepernick is not throwing, according to the beat writers. The team is traveling to Denver after practice to conduct a pair of joint practices, and so they’re taking it relatively easy on Tuesday. Kaepernick was dressed, but Blaine Gabbert and Jeff Driskel were the only quarterbacks throwing. QB coach Ryan Day served as the third quarterback for warmups, according to Chris Biderman.

Kaepernick has not thrown since last Wednesday, sitting out Sunday’s preseason opener. Chip Kelly acknowledged arm fatigue, and Adam Schefter said he has had it described to him as dead arm. Whatever the case, Kaepernick’s status remain in limbo for this week’s work against the Denver Broncos.

The team will seemingly have to add a quarterback at some point. Thad Lewis tore his ACL on Sunday, and if Kaepernick is unable to practice, it would seem odd to not add at least one quarterback to the roster. Chip Kelly said they are not yet using the waived/injury designation on Eric Rogers because he could be claimed. I would hope they might be more aggressive in using the move on Thad Lewis, as I don’t think we see anybody grabbing him off waivers. I could be wrong, but I think it’s probably worth the risk so they have more than just their QB coach serving in a third QB role.