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Fights break out at 49ers-Broncos joint practice

The 49ers and Broncos are practicing together, and it got a little heated on Wednesday.

It might be a stretch to call them “fights,” but the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos joint practice on Wednesday grew heated. USA Today NFL reporter Tom Pelissero was first to report a fight, tweeting that 49ers linebacker Aaron Lynch and Broncos center James Ferentz were getting into it. It sounds like Ferentz might have started this fight and another:

It wrapped up with one other fight

The fights did not sound like a whole lot, but it gets interesting with one more practice scheduled on Thursday. I am guessing both coaches will be giving their players a stern talking to make sure they are not pulling that stuff on Thursday. But maybe the pushing and shoving carries over to the second practice. And then of course there’s Saturday’s game. I imagine it will be cleaner since they can get legit shots on players in an actual game, but we’ll see what Thursday brings first.