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Golden Nuggets: Kap still isn’t throwing

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Well, another day of training camp, but this brought some interesting, uh...incidents. For one thing, the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos don’t play nice. There were a few scuffles that broke out according to reports. It doesn’t sound anything like the Bears/Patriots brawl that happened a few days ago, but there was a bit of chippiness going on.

Despite the interesting stuff, some things are still the same: Colin Kaepernick isn’t throwing. He dressed down in pads today and threw on the sidelines, but wasn’t doing much in team drills with that arm of his. Not like he really needs to. While Gabbert may have a leg up with being able to run things while Kaepernick rehabbed, if he keeps throwing like we saw in the first preseason game, it’s not going to be too hard for Kaepernick to trump him and take the starting job.

Also, Trent Baalke spoke to the media for about an hour. There hasn’t been a transcript made, but I tried to group everything pertaining to what he said under one banner. I really suggest giving those a read, as Baalke hits on a variety of questions that have been asked during training camp. While some of it is filler, other things, like Anthony Davis impacting the draft, are very interesting.

Let’s get to the links:

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This is awkward: Broncos fans getting autographs from Colin Kaepernick (Biderman)

Former 49ers lineman Leon Donohue dies (San Francisco Chronicle)

No more Cheetos: 49ers RB Mike Davis is transformed entering year two (Biderman)

Steve Beuerlein: Kaepernick’s Confidence Is Shot (CBS Sports Radio)

49ers expect sidelined WR Smelter to play in preseason (Maiocco)

A pass-by-pass look at Blaine Gabbert’s performance Sunday night (Lynch)

49ers QB Ponder trades in paint brush for football (Branch)

The best and worst of the 49ers in the preseason so far (Lynch)

5 Reasons Why Moving 49ers RT Anthony Davis To Guard Is Wrong! (Sakamoto)

49ers notes: Christian Ponder thrown into fire on first day (Barrows)

Hurting arm might be helping Colin Kaepernick in fight for 49ers QB job (Sporting News)

Armstrong Making Strong Case in Linebacker Competition (Williams)

Jim Harbaugh pull plug on press conference over player suspension questions (Florio)

Joe Staley only 49ers lineman assured starting spot (Biderman)

Training Camp Reports:

49ers TC13: Healthy QBs throw picks; Kaepernick’s star power shines after practice (Barrows)

49ers in Denver: Colin Kaepernick a hit with both fan bases (Inman)

49ers practice 13: Things get chippy; Broncos land more blows (Maiocco)

Trent Baalke Interview:

Baalke: Davis' delay influenced 49ers' draft (Maiocco)

Baalke talks Kap's health, denies he's involved in QB decision (Maiocco)

Lack of QB picks since 2011 (Branch)

9 notes from Baalke session (

10 Kap notes, 10 other notes from Baalke session (Inman)

‘Fatigued is a better word.’ 49ers’ Baalke talks Kaepernick, who throws on Wednesday (Barrows)

What a horrible night to have a curse...