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Bruce Ellington not practicing for second straight joint practice

There are big expectations for Bruce Ellington in Chip Kelly’s offense, but if he can’t stay healthy, it’s not really going to matter.

The San Francisco 49ers conducted their second practice with the Denver Broncos, and once again, wide receiver Bruce Ellington did not participate. Ellington is dealing with a sprained ankle, and he has not practiced this week. The team had a walkthrough on Tuesday before heading to Denver, and he did not participate in that either.

There have been pretty high expectations for Ellington this year, although that was primarily from the fantasy football community. There is the thought that in the slot, he could be a high volume player in Chip Kelly’s offense. It is a logical train of thought, but the problem is that Ellington struggles with injuries. He has played in 13 games each of the last two years, with various ailments costing him. And now, it seems like he’s dealing with another one.

DeAndrew White has been getting time in the slot in Ellington’s place. It would seem like we’ll see plenty of options this Saturday, but Ellington likely won’t be one of them. It would make sense to sideline him the rest of the week and hope the ankle is better by next week. Of course, with his history, it’s easy to think he gets hurt again at some point.