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The collection of quarterbacks for Saturday’s 49ers-Broncos game are ... not good

The Denver Broncos will roll out Trevor Siemian with the 1s on Saturday. The six QBs in this game are serious question marks

The Denver Broncos announced on Thursday that Trevor Siemian will get the start on Saturday when they face the Denver Broncos. Mark Sanchez got the start last week and looked pretty solid, but the team likely wants to see what Siemian can do with the first team offense before making a decision for Week 1.

With news that Colin Kaepernick will not play on Sunday, the quarterback depth charts currently looks as follows for Saturday’s game:


1. Blaine Gabbert
2. Jeff Driskel
3. Christian Ponder


1. Trevor Siemian
2. Mark Sanchez
3. Paxton Lynch

I have not looked at every QB depth chart in history, but this strikes me as one of the worst collections of talents combined on both rosters in some time. Without further research, I can’t say it with certainty, but that’s a lot of questionable quarterbacking on display. Usually one team has a notable name in the mix. We have some “names” in this game, but these are not great quarterbacks by any stretch of the imagination. There is certainly some upside, particularly with Paxton Lynch, but based on where these quarterbacks are right now? Woof.