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Anthony Davis offered to move to guard

49ers lineman Anthony Davis got guard work on Thursday. Turns out it was his idea.

Thursday’s practice with the Denver Broncos saw the San Francisco 49ers work Anthony Davis briefly at right guard. He worked four snaps with the first team offensive line, before Andrew Tiller moved back into the position. Davis also worked as second team right tackle.

Chip Kelly said on Monday that the plan at that point was for Davis to work exclusively on right tackle in the offense. However, that changed over the past few days. After Thursday’s practice, Anthony Davis told the media that he had brought up the idea with Kelly and OL coach Pat Flaherty. He had some great comments about why:

There were plenty of concerns about Davis’s return, and how much he actually wanted to be with the team. Clearly that is not the case at this point. He seems all in at this point, and willing to do whatever he can to make the team better. And it also might indicate that Trent Brown is close to securing the starting job for Week 1. That might not be the case, but it is interesting to note in this process.