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Tank Carradine is an awful golfer

The San Francisco 49ers are in Colorado preparing for Saturday’s preseason matchup with the Denver Broncos, and Thursday brought a team-building exercise. Following their joint practice with the 49ers, the team went to Top Golf for some fun and games. For those who have never been, Top Golf is a driving range, but it creates opportunities for tracking scores. They place chips in all the balls, and you aim for various targets. It’s a lot of fun.

Well, fun for most people. I’m not sure how much fun Tank Carradine is having at the 49ers event. Andrew Tiller posted this video of Tank flailing away at the golf ball, missing on a couple swings.

I’m not a good golfer, and basically only play when I’ve gone to Top Golf. But man, this is brutal. Entertaining to Tiller and Trent Brown, but oh man, that’s pretty bad!

My boy tank is the next tiger!! Lmao #49ers #topgolf #teambonding

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