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Wade Phillips is a fan of Chip Kelly’s offense

The Broncos defensive coordinator likes what Chip Kelly brings to the table.

The San Francisco 49ers are working with the Denver Broncos at joint practices this week, and Chip Kelly has impressed at least one Bronco coach. Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has become an active member of Twitter, and he offered up this compliment for the 49ers head coach.

The 49ers need to figure out their quarterback position if they want to really execute with this offense, but they have some reasons to be positive. We saw the high volume in the first game, particularly on the ground. Most importantly, the team has more depth along the offensive line. Injuries were a big problem in 2014, and ineffectiveness cost the team big last season. Getting back Anthony Davis, adding Joshua Garnett, and generally boosting that depth could be a big key for this offense moving from awful to at least adequate or decent.