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Seattle community college offering Football 101 for ‘bandwagon’ fans

Sometimes reality is so much better than fiction. Our friend @SeattleFaithful came across something up in the Pacific Northwest that I just had to share. Green River College, a community college located in Auburn, Washington, just south of Seattle, offers a Football 101 class. It does not appear to be available right now, but it is an option at some point.

It’s odd enough that a college would offer a class on the basics of football, but I’ve seen some odd classes in my time. I took some summer school courses at UNLV back when I was in college, and there was a wine tasting class, so it can get pretty odd. But what is so great about this one is the way they describe the course:

Have you recently jumped on the football bandwagon? If so, you may want to understand or review basic football rules, positions, terms, and scoring. As most ardent football fans can agree, the best time to ask questions about football may NOT be during the game! Join this fun, interactive class as we use our home team as a model for learning the basics of football which will help you enjoy the game even more. CEUs: .35

Yep, if you’ve recently jumped on the football bandwagon, this is the course for you. I’m sure there are plenty of Seahawks fans who might want to jump on this one....