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Jed York talks Chip Kelly, 2016 expectations, Jim Harbaugh, lunch bets

San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York was on the Rich Eisen show on Monday, and we got to hear his take on plenty of topics. He discussed Chip Kelly and communication. He talked about Anthony Davis's return and the quarterback competition. And he even got to talk about the renewed Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry. It led to some comments about Jim Harbaugh, and then a lunch bet. As expected, the jokes flew on that one.

On opening of training camp:

Excitement’s off the charts. There’s a lot of energy. Chip is, he definitely brings a different energy level, and the guys are really buying into it. It’s really fun to see. For me, you want to wash the taste out of a bad 5-11 year last, and 8-8 the year before that. You want to get back to the playoffs, where we belong, and this is the start of that.

On how players are buying in to Chip Kelly:

So, everybody talks about Chip’s up-tempo practices, things like that. You see a lot of competition, just little drills that they’re doing, and you’re watching guys that wouldn’t usually be on a special teams, like a Carlos Hyde, like a NaVorro Bowman, going up against each other in a special teams drill because you keep score, just like everything that you do. And you see those guys competing against each other, wanting to win the drill, and just buying into the entire program that Chip has here. It’s just fun to see, I mean, it’s like, it’s a high energy fun practice.

On how Chip Kelly is after Philly complaints about not being an open communicator:

Nothing’s further from the truth, from what I’ve seen. He’s been a great communicator with me, with the entire coaching staff, with the players. I mean obviously we had a unique season and offseason, and you see the guys that are here, the guys that are participating, I think he’s done a great job of communicating with all of our guys, whether it’s the quarterback situation, having Anthony Davis come back, he’s been great at communicating with those guys, and the guys that have been here throughout. Again, nothing could be further from the truth in my point of view.

On his QB preference:

I mean I think the beautiful thing about football is your performance speaks for itself. And that’s what Chip has said, that’s what we believe, whoever the best players are, whatever the position, that’s who’s gonna be playing.

On Colin Kaepernick relationship:

We had a good conversation, I can’t remember how long ago it was, maybe a month and a half or so ago. Sort of right at the end of minicamp and before training camp, before everybody left. And Kap and I have always had a good relationship. He’s fully healthy now, he’s ready to go, and he’s ready to compete.

On the trade discussion:

I mean it’s better than he talking to anybody in Seattle. I see it with Kap, he had a tough year last year, we all did. I think he needed to figure out what he wanted to do, and I think he sat down with Coach Kelly, and I’ll let Kap address all those personally, but I see it, it was a frustrating year. I understand the frustration, and he’s ready to compete here. I think everybody has bought into what we’re doing, and again, when you have an open competition at any position at any spot, Kap’s ready to go out there and compete. And we need to wipe the taste of last year out of our mouth completely, and just get back out there and get back to 49er football, and I think that’s what we’re doing.

On Anthony Davis return and expectations:

He looks great, I think he’s definitely mentally refreshed, and it’s a grind, especially for young guys getting into the league. I understand what these guys go through, and for AD, I think he’s ready to be back, he’s excited to be back. I think if he gets back to his form, it’s a great thing, because I think he’s one of the best right tackles in the game.

On expectations, hopes for Chip Kelly in 2016:

I think Chip’s philosophy is the right philosophy when you look at "Win the day." And I think that’s similar to what we’ve looked at here with coaches that have been successful. When you get better each day, you tend to be pretty happy when the season is all said and done. What I see with our team, we’re a young team, I think we’re the second or third youngest roster in the NFL. We have a new coaching staff for us, but a coaching staff that has worked together for the most part. And I think it’s an innovative coaching staff with the opportunity to build something special with a good core group of young players. Some guys, whether it’s Staley, Bowman, you know, guys like that that have been here for a while that bring something to the game that are a little bit more mature, a little bit more veteran. I think we have a chance to outperform what anybody thinks that we can do this year. But more than anything we have the chance to build something special that will last for a long time.

On Eddie DeBartolo induction and if he’s nervous:

He’s happy. I think he’s happy, he’s looking forward to it. It’s just one of those things, can you ask for a better cap to your career than going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And for my uncle, being able to go literally home, you know Canton’s probably 30 miles from Youngstown, it’s gonna be a part from Youngstown all the way to Canton. I think he’ll be a little nervous to begin with, but it’s just going to be such a great celebration for him. And I can’t imagine how many people will be there.

On first memory with Eddie bringing him around the team:

Well, him bringing me around the team, the first game I ever went to was in Cleveland in 1984, sitting on Jennifer Montana’s lap, so that was a good memory. Honestly, the first real memory I have of him was losing in 1987 to the Vikings, and just how unbelievably upset he was. And I think I carry a lot of that with me in knowing, it’s personal when you win and lose, and there’s nothing worse than losing in sports.

On Paul Anka performing Thursday night at jacket ceremony Eisen MCs:

Oh yea, they are good buddies. It’s fun to see those guys together. I can only imagine them back in their 20s and 30s, what those parties were like.

On who other notable names are buddies with Eddie:

It was funny, somebody said that Lionel Richie was doing a show on Sunday night in San Francisco, and they said, are you getting back in time for the show? He might be playing at one of Eddie’s parties on Friday or Saturday, how do I know. I mean you literally have no idea who’s going to show up.

On if Jed and family will be there:

We’ll be there. I’m flying back up, I’ll see you on Thursday night. He’s doing a party on Friday, and then the induction is Saturday. And I think there’s another party on Saturday.

On Notre Dame (Jed’s alma mater) putting Michigan (Eisen’s alma mater) back on the schedule:

Well, I think Michigan finally acquiesced and said OK, we’ll play Notre Dame. I think that’s kinda how it went.

On knowing Harbaugh being on Eisen’s side of this:

I do, I think it’s gonna be a battle.

On if he is surprised how carefree, fun-loving Harbaugh seems:

I mean that’s Jim, I think he does a good job of being loose and being free like that. I think the college kids respond to it, and certainly in an age of social media, I think you see high school kids look at how open he is, and sort of how he communicates with them directly, or indirectly through social media. And I think it certainly gives Jim an advantage, in terms of being able to recruit.

It’s now Michigan vs. Notre Dame, 2018, I would say I’d put lunch on the line with you, Jed, because it gives me two years to be able to pay for it if we lose, you know what I mean

Well, you’re not calling me out on social media for like six months, and saying French Laundry, and then you’re gonna do an article about it three years later and bring it back and throw it in my face

No, I’m coming straight through the front door with you, Jed, that’s what I’m trying to do.

I like it, straight through the front door. You let me know, we’ll do it in LA, I’ll come down.