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49ers continue making wishes come true

The San Francisco 49ers community relations department has done a lot of great work over the years. One of their strongest relationships is with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers is long from being decided but one thing is certain: the amazing work done by 49ers Community. The 49ers team up with Make A Wish regularly and the first week of the preseason was another example of their work with young fans who have fought or are fighting tremendous adversity.

10 year old Jonathan who was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma cancer was deemed cancer free in June of 2016 which gave him just enough time to be able to attend a weekend of 49ers events, including a joint practice with the Texans and the first preseason game. Jonathan even got to break down the huddle between the two teams with everyone yelling squad:

Jonathan first met a few of the 49ers players during Super Bowl week with his participation with Super Baskets of Hope at Kaiser of Santa Clara. 49ers in attendance were Eric Reid, Kendall Gaskins, Vance McDonald and Kyle Nelson. The looks on their faces says it all.

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