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St. Louis bar offers $1 off pitchers for every TD scored against the Rams

The NFL moved the Los Angeles Rams out of St. Louis earlier this offseason, abandoning the fan base for a chance to cash in in southern California. It was not a stunning move, but it still stings for Rams fans. The support had some issues at times, but there were plenty of passionate Rams fans in Missouri before the team departed.

Not surprisingly some of those fans are pissed off. In St. Louis, Hot Shots Sports Bar & Grill is offering a chance to benefit from any Rams struggles. The bar is offering $1 off domestic pitchers for every touchdown scored against the Rams every week. If they give up five touchdowns, that means $5 off each pitcher. Considering this is for domestic beer in the midwest, I can’t imagine they are too expensive to begin with.

The description on the website is pretty great.

Join us every Sunday and hate watch the Rams with us all season long. Their losses are YOUR gains as we will offer Hotshots customers $1 Off all domestic pitchers for every TD against the Rams, every week! The more they give up (which will be a lot), the more you can win while we root on literally ANYONE else. We have not forgotten what Stan and his cronies did to our city so we will have your shot to take a few jabs at them each week as well. Come root on the Rams to lose like only they can at Hotshots and get cheap beer! It's a win-win!

Hot Shots has multiple locations in the St. Louis area, and each one is taking on the fan base of another team since the Rams abandoned them. Unfortunately, the 49ers do not have one of the bars yet, but if you’re in the St. Louis area, you might as well hit one up. Hot Shots South County has affiliated itself with the Seattle Seahawks, so you might want to avoid that one. But hit up one of the others for the MNF opener and maybe the 49ers will score enough to get you some inexpensive beer!